Studio Hire

Snapix is a professional 4.5x4m white wall to floor corner cyclorama installed in a 6x6m shooting area.

✓ High white ceiling 3.7m
✓ Professional ceiling track lighting
✓ Air conditioning
✓ On-site parking
✓ Wheelchair access

Making a Booking

Please ensure that your date has been approved by Snapix staff first.


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Terms & Conditions

Access & Security

Studio hire entitles the Hirer to exclusive use of the shooting area, viewing area and kitchenette only. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure the studio is securely locked when not in use.


Equipment owned by Snapix is only to be used by experienced photographers or assistants where all care must be taken. Due to potential damage, light heads must not be removed from the lighting support unless it is carried out by Snapix staff.


Please ensure that the studio and white cyclorama are left clean and tidy as presented to you. All rubbish and personal belongings are to be taken upon leaving. Cleaning products are available in the studio. Should the studio require cleaning by our staff the hirer will be charged $55 and if the white cyclorama requires painting to bring it back to its original condition, the Hirer will be charged $100 (Inclusive of GST). In the event of any physical damage to any equipment, structure and/or furniture, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to replace or repair it as determined by Snapix staff.

Payment & Cancellation

Full amount is required at the time of booking to ensure no other bookings take place. In the event that you wish to cancel a booking, Snapix staff must be notified in writing at least 48 hours prior to the booking for full refund. No refund will be issued for cancellations within 48 hours of the booking.

Confirmation of Agreement

I authorise Snapix to charge my credit card for the services detailed above. I declare that all the information provided on this form is accurate and I agree to abide by the 'Terms & Conditions' as set out above.